Episode Four: Prank War: Scene 29

By Saturday, I was wondering if the fire dog had taken up permanent residence in the sub shop’s toaster oven. It seemed to like it there.

If anything, it also seemed to be improving the taste of the sandwiches, so I decided to just leave it there. It wasn’t doing anyone any harm and the only thing it would be reporting on was who preferred meatballs and who preferred cold cuts.

Saturday morning, I put my face on and headed for the modeling agency.

“Okay. The bad news is that we can’t promise you work right away. The good news is that I have some people looking at your portfolio.”

I nodded.

“Did you think about a name?”

“Jane Rudi.”

“I like that. Let me run it and make sure it’s not in use.”

I glanced up at the photos of girls more beautiful than I had ever thought I could be that lined the room. Well, maybe I’d belong in that company.
And it had one distinct advantage. Nobody would take me seriously or think I could fight if I was being paid to look pretty. Maybe that was part of why Thea did it.

“You’re good. Might want to legally change it.”

“As soon as I’m eighteen.” I’d looked into doing it at the library and I had to be eighteen. And pay some money, but the money I thought I could manage.

“Got it. Okay, Ms. Rudi. I’ll send out your portfolio to the interested parties tomorrow. One’s catalogue work, they’re looking for half a dozen girls your age.”
And presumably a few boys too. “And the other?”

“It’s actually an acting gig. Extras for a crowd scene. You don’t really have to act – I’m pretty sure any girl your age can pretend to be dancing at an all ages club without actually acting.”

I laughed. “Got it.”
Acting. Well, I was starting to do that all the time now, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. Still. “Go ahead.”

“I think you’re going to do fine. You’ve got a good body type as long as it’s not for runway…too many curves for that. You’re pretty and you don’t shy from the camera.”

Why would I? I’d been through enough far more dangerous things not to be afraid of a few photographs.

He stood up and I made it back to my feet as he offered his hand. We stepped out into the lobby, which I noticed was empty.

That was when somebody came crashing through the window.

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