Episode Four: Prank War: Scene 30

I moved immediately between the new arrival and the agency rep, who was diving for something. Probably a panic button.

The person who had come crashing through the window was Ros. She rolled to her feet, snarling at the opening even as a hairless, reddish skinned guy leapt through the window after her.

I stayed between them and the rep. If I joined in the fight, he’d instantly know I was more than some girl looking for money. If I protected him, I could tell him afterwards I didn’t know these people.

Ros had drawn a machete, of all things, and was striking back at the red-skinned guy.

“Do you guys mind taking that outside?” the agency rep said a little weakly.

“Stay back,” I whispered to him.

“…no kidding. You know these people?”


She’d drawn blood, but it hissed as it fell, boiling away almost as soon as it touched the ground. Fire giant. Great. Hopefully the rep wouldn’t notice.

“Good. I’d hate to think a sweet…” He stopped, ducking behind the receptionists’ desk, which was currently unoccupied.

I moved behind it myself, knowing Ros wouldn’t think me a coward, but I was also looking for something to throw at the fire giant.

Wait. Fire giant. “I have an idea to dampen their ardor. Where’s the nearest fire extinguisher?”

The rep told me and I made a dash for the door into the back offices. Fire extinguisher. It might not work, but the force of it would probably convince them to go fight over me somewhere else.

Or over some insult. For all I knew it had nothing directly to do with me, just that I was why both groups were hanging out here.

Fire extinguisher. I came back to the door and fired a blast of foam across Ros’s shoulder at the giant’s face. He acked, lifted his hands to cover it, and Ros kneed him in the solar plexus, sending him flying back out the window.

She winked at me, then leapt back out into the street.

“What’s that about?”

“How should I know? Klingon courtship?” Thea had used that term, something about fighting physically before making love.

He laughed. “Kind of looked like it. Or mortal insults. Either way, if I ever track them down, they’re buying me a new window. Are you alright?”

He was asking me? I swallowed any indignation. “I’m fine. Just get my portfolio out.”

He shook his head. “Well, you certainly handle pressure well.”

I just laughed and handed him back his fire extinguisher.

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