Episode Thirty-Six: Ragnarok: Scene 22

Not everyone would accept us right away. We knew that even as we rode, side by side, into the capital.


And were met by dwarves. Both alive, although both looked bloodied and battered. “We did what you asked, La…” Ebba paused, then grinned. “And you did it.”


“We did it.” I stressed the we. Not my task after all.




But I suspected I knew the content of the prophecy my father had refused to relay. I even suspected he had set us up.


Could I even blame him?


Set up the one person we could be sure of being able to restore. I was angry and grateful all at the same time. I was alive. She was…alive.


Definitely alive, her hand warm.


Her eyes flicked to Kanesha and she grinned. “I saw somebody run ahead to the Spire.”


“I’m going to be…”


“Mopping up for a while. Yes. Definitely. But the forges will need to be rebuilt. I think we can manage a better solution.”


I grinned down…a long way down given I was on a giant-sized horse, and she was a dwarf. “Peace, then?”


“Our father is dead.”


I smiled. “Then let’s leave it to the women to make peace?”


“Often the way of things.”
And maybe this cycle would go better, then. Maybe. Until next time, and I suspected next time would be the last.
There was that feel to it, but it might not happen for a long time. For a very long time indeed.


“Meanwhile, we have a wedding to plan.”
“Well, we’ll…”


Jorun elbowed Ebba. “I know the perfect gift.”


I grinned again at the twins. “Then I should wait and be surprised.”


“No. Not for this gift.” She looked serious. “A venue.”


I blinked.


“We are not making risky protective amulets…” Her eyes flicked to Kanesha. “For the entire contingent of your mortal friends. And for a certain frost giant I suspect will want to come.”


I laughed. “But if we don’t do it here…”


“Peace, remember. Let us sort out everything.”


And for the first time I truly believed in this peace. That between us we could do it.


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