Episode Four: Prank War: Scene 28

Fortunately, the teacher took my excuse for being late back. And the shadow didn’t show up again. That part worried me more.

I’d rather it was harassing me than harassing somebody else who wouldn’t know what was going on. I did corner Prue as we left. “Prank idea?” I whispered.

“That was who pulled the fire alarm?”

“Fortunately, it didn’t think of the sprinkler system.”

Prue winced. “Fortunately. Okay. Let me think on it. Also, was there something else around?”

“Are you a witch?” I blurted.

She giggled. “A bit of one. It shows, right? You, though. You’re something else.”

“I can’t talk about that.” Which wasn’t entirely true.

“Can’t or don’t want me involved?”

I let out a breath. “There’s enough people in danger, Prue. Just help me with the fairy.” I grinned at her.

“It likes bluebells.”

That was a hint. Bluebells. How could I use that? I’d have to think about it. We parted at the gate and I headed towards work.

Followed, after a bit, by a shadow. That relieved me. I definitely wanted it bothering me and I was pretty sure it was just another watcher. Speaking of, yes, there was Ros on the other side of the street. I was developing an entourage.

I was definitely getting out of DC as soon as I graduated. I was sure I could find something somewhere else. Maybe New York. Expensive too, but a good place to lose yourself. And a good place to be a model, if I ended up doing that.

But I’d have to be very much on my own, and I found I was afraid of that. The fire dog followed me into the sub place and then took up residence in the toaster oven. Hopefully it wouldn’t burn anyone’s subs.

“You seem preoccupied.” That was Barbara, my supervisor.

“Somebody pulled the fire alarm at school again today.”

She rolled her eyes. “Hope they catch them. That’s rude behavior.”

I nodded. “Yeah, it is. At least this one only worked out how to activate the evacuation alarm.”

“At least.” She glanced at the toaster. “Running a bit hot today,” she noted, adjusting it.

I stayed silent.

“As long as it’s not anything that might affect your work.”

“Nah. It just put me off my stroke at school, you know.” I let out a breath as a family of four came in, the two children bickering at each other as siblings are wont to do. Time to work.

Time to, hopefully, not think.

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