From The Author

Okay, so, I didn’t quite time this right. But this is actually the end. Or the beginning, depending on how you see it.


Anything that is not true to the lore is my own invention for the sake of creativity and telling a good story. Or is an accident. This is not a religious text, but a story that has its basis in the northern myths and then developed very much a life of its own.


I’d like to thank my husband, for doing his usual bang up job of proofreading everything before it goes out.


Also, Victoria, for spotting a few times when things got posted out of order (easy to do in WordPress) and the odd piece of critique.


And Jess, for hosting.


This is the longest thing I have ever written and it’s going to be very weird not writing it any more.


If you want more, check out my page on Amazon. Most especially check out Falling Dusk – which is not Norse-based, but is essentially a fairy tale, as well as a romance and a story about monsters, choices, and redemption.


I may or may not do another project like this in the future. I have a ton of novels to write, so…


Signing off, at least for now. As are Siglaugr and Kanesha. Might not be a happily ever after, because nothing in this world is, but definitely a happy for a very long now.

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