Episode Thirty-Three: Taken: Scene 14

Ebba’s forge was warm, although not…it was a different kind of warm.


“So…the thing is, this sword already has enchantments on it. I have to be careful.”


“It does? Oh, wait, it has the one to keep it from needing to be sharpened.”


Ebba frowned. “No, there’s something else, but it’s warded so I can’t identify it.”


Which made me frown myself. “Who would…”


“It has not harmed her?”


“No, not at all. But I’d rather know what it is.”


“There’s no way I can find out. Whoever put it there was better than me. And also not a dwarf.”


I thought about that for a moment, then just nodded. “If it hurts her, I will…but right now, it needs to be back in her hands.”


“Right. But I don’t think…thinking about it, this isn’t a good idea.” Ebba turned to me. “If she gets disarmed…”


“Alright. How about a piece of jewelry, then?” I glanced around. “No offense, but you seem to have plenty, and I can pay.”


Ebba grinned. “It’s my specialty.” She took down a necklace. “I think this would look really good on her too.”


I felt as if I’d dodged a bullet. Except that there was an enchantment on Kanesha’s sword that was not put there by a dwarf, and that I had no way of identifying. I gave the blade a look as Ebba examined the pendant.


“Given the strength, I’m going to need time and help. Two days.” She looked at me. “Sorry, I can’t rush it further.”


“I’ll need the time to plan, then.”


“Also, we’re coming with you.”


There was no argument in her tone. “Are you sure? You need protection there too.”


“We are not leaving the first mortal to be granted dwarven steel for centuries in Surtur’s dungeon.” She sounded fierce. “My father gave that sword to her for a reason.”


“And we need to get it back to her.” Somehow I thought it was vital.


Somehow I thought it would help. “I’m not turning you down, just…”


“You don’t need to remind us of the risks.” She flipped her braid back and looked up at me. “We are dwarves and warriors, not children.”


I laughed. “You’re right. I don’t. But…”


“But it’s the responsibility of the one in charge to keep others safe. Just…”


I looked at her. “Just…” A sigh. “I guess I should leave you to it.”


As I turned away, she was taking another piece of jewelry down from the wall, but shielding it so I couldn’t see it.


I decided not to press.


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