Episode Thirty-Three: Taken: Scene 15

Obviously, I couldn’t invite Seb, Clara or Derek. Protecting one mortal was going to be hard enough.


Four of us would go – me, Thruor and the dwarves.


“I’m surprised they agreed to come.”


“Agreed? They insisted. Irritated with fire giants and they like Kanesha.”


“She has that effect on people.”


I thought about it. “The only person I’ve ever met who didn’t like Kanesha was her own father.” Then I laughed weakly. “Maybe we’ll get there to find she has Surtur wrapped around her little finger.”


“Would be nice, but I doubt it. Okay. So, a team of four.”


“We can’t use the secret entrance. They used it, which was them making a point about knowing about it. They’re watching.”


“Because you came in that way last time. We’ll have to open a gate.”


“Which they’ll notice. What about going in through the dwarven kingdom? They’ve been raiding there.”


“Good idea. If we use a place they used recently, there won’t be as much of a signature.”


“The twins know where the raiders showed up last time.”


Thruor nodded. “You realize this is going to be dangerous. None of us are going to end up permanently dead, but…”


“I know. And they might use her to get us to surrender.”


“Quick in, quick out. I’d suggest you stay behind but I know what will happen if I suggest that.”


I gave her a look.


“Exactly.” A pause. “Team of five.”


I gave her another look.


“I came up with somebody else to take along. If they’re willing.”


She wasn’t about to tell me who. I knew by they she didn’t mean Zaid, and that she had to mean somebody less than mortal.


Maybe she didn’t want me disappointed if whoever it was didn’t want to come.


I wished Odin could help even indirectly, but I hadn’t seen so much as a feather of a raven since this started.


“So, we make a gate there, and then we…would be good to get some local assistance. I’ll keep my eyes open.”


“We’ll be heading for the capital. Again.”


“I didn’t make it there last time.”


Thruor nodded. “Hopefully this time we will. And remember. He may snatch you.”


“If he does, you get Kanesha out and then come back for me.” I kept my tone even.


She nodded. “I promise.”


And a Valkyrie’s promise counted for more than most.


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