Episode Thirty-Three: Taken: Scene 13

Thruor opened the gate for me.


There was something different about this time. It felt like I could feel the gate opening, almost reach out and touch it.


I did not attempt to do so, not wanting to mess with her, but I wondered…something had definitely changed.


It opened near the inn I’d met them before, but they were not there. Steeling myself – and carrying both swords – I headed towards the Hall.


Of course, I stood out, not being a dwarf, but the gazes I got were more curious and perhaps a little concerned than hostile or rude.


I doubted they knew what was going on. They probably realized I was a customer.


But there was a lot of tension once I reached the gate. “Lokisdottir,” the guard greeted.


“I need to talk to the princesses.”


“You don’t know what’s going on, do you.”


“No.” I didn’t tell him I had my own problems.


“Fire giant raid.”


“Are they okay?”


“They are, but not everyone who was with them is.”


“Then tell them that I need their help annoying fire giants.”


The guard actually grinned. “I think they might go for that.”


Both twins were grim-faced and a little beaten up when I finally found them. “You’re having fire giant problems again?” Jorun asked.


“They have my lover. I plan on getting her back.”


“The dark girl?” Jorun continued. “Damn.”


“Yeah. I’m sure she did her best to escape, but…”


“But he has her. And of course is using her as leverage.”


“He’s threatened to torture her.” I looked between them. “And I can’t attempt a rescue because if I take her away from whatever protective wards he has on her…she won’t be able to survive in Muspelheim.”


“So, you come to dwarves for enchantment.” Ebba grinned weakly.


“The mortal witches I know can’t do anything powerful enough even working as a coven. I thought you might.”


“It’s a tough one. We need wards to survive there ourselves. For her, they would have to be even more potent,” Ebba mused.


“But you know where to start.”
“We do.” They looked at each other. “They killed one of our friends. Anything to hurt them right now.”


“Surtur’s the one I want to hurt. Him and his cronies.”


Slowly, they nodded in stereo. “If we give you a description of the two that got away could you add them to the list?”


“If I see them, sure.”


It seemed like a fair deal to me. But my priority was getting Kanesha out.


And Surtur.


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