Episode Thirteen: Hunted: Scene 30

“What was all that in aid of?” I asked as I picked up the damaged club. Hrm. It looked repairable. “Thruor, want this for the collection?”

“Sure. Why not?” She came over. “Looks well made and a bit of reinforcement should fix the damage.”

I let her take it and then went over to Kanesha. She’d dropped to one knee and looked about to throw up. “They weren’t human.”

“I know…”

“They aren’t actually dead. Just banished, like demons.”

She nodded. “But they bled all over the place.”

I looked around. The blood was evaporating rapidly, turning silver before disappearing. “Look at the blood.”

She followed my gaze. “Oh.”

“They’re a kind of fairy, like Thruor said. You can’t kill fairies unless you’re in Faerie, or something.”

Did that mean you could kill demons in Hell? No. I dismissed the thought. Demons were not alive at all, never had been, so they couldn’t be killed. In any way.

At the same time, I did sort of and rather wish I could kill Tyz’vel permanently. I wished I could feed him to Hel.

I couldn’t. She had no authority over him.

“Can you kill demons in hell?”

“I just thought that through, and I don’t think so, because they aren’t alive in the first place.”

Kanesha nodded. “I’ll be okay. Are you hurt?”

I shook my head. “They were a good workout, but not really a threat.”

I turned back to Seb. “So, you haven’t answered my question. What was with the Fomors?”

“Fomori,” he corrected. “Clara apparently found something fae that they want. We’re going to find its rightful owner and return it.”

“That seems to be the smartest thing to do with things that belong to fairies,” I mused.

“It’s definitely Sidhe. So, yes. Fomori are one thing. I’m not dealing with pissed off Sidhe.”

Of course, I had to say what I said next, “How can I help?”

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