Episode Thirteen: Hunted: Scene 29

One of them saw me and charged with a battle cry. He was wielding a spiked club. I let him get up to full speed and then stepped to the side and let him go stumbling past me, then spun to draw my sword and strike at his back with one smooth action. It was probably too showy – I hit but did little damage, and then he was whirling to try and bring the club down on my skull.

I was pretty sure the biker helmet I was wearing wouldn’t offer much protection, so I ducked away from the club. In my peripheral vision I could see Kanesha and Thruor flanking one that was swinging a chain at them.

I had to trust them to handle their own fights, though. I seemed to have drawn an opponent who knew what he was doing. He followed up by sweeping the club towards my legs. I jumped and then slashed at his hand as I came down. I missed his hand, and my blade cut deep into the club and…got stuck.

I yanked it away, and the club came with it, nearly hitting me in the face. I leapt back, surprised. Club Guy was already pulling out a secondary weapon, a barbed short sword.

I kept going back and shaking my sword until the club came off of it. The look on his face showed that he hadn’t, quite, expected me to do that.

Maybe my sword was better than most. It had, after all, been a gift from a valkyrie. Asgardian steel. Had to mean something.
And Kanesha was wielding the same – a privilege I suspected few mortals ever earned. It made me feel better for her safety. He came at me with the short sword, but now I had reach on him, despite the fact that he was practically a giant in size.

Now I had reach on him, and my next slash took off his head. Kanesha and Thruor were still double teaming chain guy, although he had lost most of his chain. I charged on the three who were still surrounding Seb.

Right as Clara’s spell went off. It was a light spell, dazzling in the night, and I blinked against it, then closed my eyes and continued my charge on hearing alone.

From the shrieks, though, it had affected the Fomors even worse. Maybe they were nocturnal or something. I followed the shrieks, felt my blade go into flesh, opened my eyes again to see the surprised gaze of another of them. The last two were trying to run.

I pushed the one I’d just killed off of my sword and ran after them. I had no clue why they were here, but I wasn’t about to let them get away. “Seb, want one alive?”

“Nah!” he called after me.

Realizing they weren’t going to escape, they turned, just as my vision started to clear. Now I had two of them on me, but Seb was right behind me. Unfortunately, he’d lost whatever weapon he was holding in the fight.

Then Kanesha came in on my flank, thrust her blade into the thigh of one of them. She looked almost startled that it had worked.

“Keep going. We’ve got them.”

And, indeed, we had them.

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