Episode Thirteen: Hunted: Scene 15

Sigyn considered. “The young woman you are with.”


“How serious is it?”

“As serious as it can be given the circumstances.” I offered her a smile. “I know it won’t be forever, but… But part of my concern is her being used against me. Or simply eliminated.”

“I can at least help protect her spiritually.” Sigyn paused. “It’s your responsibility, but you aren’t…ready yet.”

I nodded. “I know I’m not. I’d have no idea what to do.” I let out a breath. “And we’re teaching her to protect herself better physically.”

“But it’s possible Surtur will respect the relationship and back off.”

I shook my head. “He hired a bunch of thugs to kidnap her. I don’t call that respecting the relationship.”

Sigyn nodded. “He’s more determined than I thought.”

“He thinks I can help him win Ragnarok.” I let out a breath. “I hope he’s wrong.”

“Hard to say.” She studied me. “The prophecy says you can…delay it. Not prevent it, because one day it will be necessary. Worlds have a lifespan too.”

“If nothing else, one day the sun will swallow the Earth.”

Sigyn nodded. “Exactly. Or maybe that’s what happens if Surtur wins.”

I shivered a bit. “It doesn’t matter who wins, though. Everybody dies.”

“And the world is reborn. You think there won’t be a place for those souls?”

“I don’t pretend to understand it.” Our eyes met. “Right now, I’m more concerned with getting Surtur and Tyz’vel to back off.”

“The demon’s a difficult one. The more you show strength the more he’s going to want you.” Sigyn considered that. “Surtur will back off eventually. If you commit to a different direction. Which is part of why I asked about the woman.”

“I’m not…I don’t want to get married just yet.”

“It wouldn’t be a marriage. It would be an extended betrothal. But it would be very unfair on your young woman.”

“She knows it’s going to happen. I’m hoping it doesn’t have to until…” I tailed off.

“She knows she can never be more than a lover.” Sigyn considered that. “I wish things could be otherwise. I see what’s in your heart. But…”

“She will accept whatever happens. But I don’t feel quite ready yet. And Tyz’vel won’t care.”

“Tyz’vel…I have to think about him. Trust me. I will come up with something.”

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