Episode Thirteen: Hunted: Scene 12

As we left, Clara joined us. “Hey.”

“Hey. How are things with Seb?”

She grinned broadly. “Seb’s awesome.”

I laughed. “You’re supposed to be learning from him not dating him.”

“I can’t do both?” She gave Kanesha an arch look.

Kanesha threatened her with a mock punch. “You can do whatever you want. Well, except summon lust imps.”

“Am I ever going to live that down?”
“No,” we both said in near perfect stereo.

I added a moment later, “Could you ask Seb what good tips he has for a hunter who isn’t gifted in witchcraft?”

“Sure.” She glanced at Kanesha. “For you, right?”

Kanesha blushed.

“Don’t worry. You’re much better at martial arts than I am,” Clara noted.

“Hey. No comparing talents. It only makes everyone feel inferior,” I cut in.

“You already make people feel inferior.”

Clara was right. I probably did, and what could I do about it? The answer was: Not very much. I was who I was. “That’s why I’m careful who I tell. I only pick people who can handle it.”

Which was why, I realized, I couldn’t actually have told Grayson. He would have been terrified of me. “People who aren’t going to run screaming.”

Clara nodded. “I could probably take you. I’d just have to be subtle and stick your shoes to the floor or something.”

I laughed. “That would definitely slow me down. Do that to a bad guy for me some time?”

“I will.” Then she turned to Kanesha. “I think he’ll say to learn weapons, learn when to run, try to keep your distance from the real nasties.”

“I already know when to run. I did manage to get away from those thugs. With my hands tied.”

I grinned a bit. And elected not to mention what they had been tied with in front of Clara. I’d already embarrassed Kanesha enough for one day.

Even without the mention, though, she was blushing deeply.

“What?” Clara asked.

Neither of us told her.

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