Episode Thirteen: Hunted: Scene 11

That yet scared me more than anything he’d ever said to me. And I knew he was being serious. He really thought I could eventually kick Surtur’s butt.

Of course, by eventually, he probably meant in a few centuries. I had to deal with that side of things, that very real possibility that I might live that long.

For right now, staying safe and keeping Kanesha safe…that was all I was going to worry about. Fire giants who couldn’t take no for an answer were a problem. He wasn’t going to hurt me.

And he had abducted Kanesha instead of killing her. No doubt, I thought, he had planned to use her as leverage. A promise to leave her alone if I’d go with him.

It’s what I would have done in the same situation. I didn’t like the idea of thinking like my enemy, but sometimes it was what a woman needed to do.

Sometimes? All the time. You had to learn the knack. Maybe that was why Loki scared people. I could think like him – twisted, chaotic, humorous.

But I was also of his blood, which gave me an advantage. And I trusted him. That scared me a little. Trusting somebody like that?

But I was of his blood. I made sure to walk Kanesha to school the next day. She seemed back to herself.

“Did you find out who hired them?”

“Loki thinks it was Surtur. He probably wanted to try to use you as leverage to get me.”

Kanesha shuddered. “Ugh. Promise me you won’t say yes. Promise me you won’t go to him even if…”

I paused, then, “I promise.” And I knew that was binding.

“Thanks. I don’t want to die thinking I’m the cause of Ragnarok.”

“I won’t let you die at all. Not until you’re old and wrinkly, anyway.” Maybe…no. I knew I couldn’t save her from the ravages of time.

But I could protect her from Surtur. “We just need to improve your defenses.”

She nodded. “Mike’s taking me to the range tonight. I don’t like guns, but…”

“If you don’t like a weapon, don’t let them see that. Use it as intimidation. Half the time they only have to believe you’re going to shoot them. Or stick four feet of steel through them.” I’d actually found swords intimidated better than guns.

“Good point. I’d just rather not kill anyone if I can avoid it.”

“Keep that attitude. Unless it’s vampires. Kill vampires. There’s no reason not to.”

She laughed. “Should I carry a wooden stake?”

“Sword’s easier.” I had to end the conversation then, otherwise we would have been overheard.

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