Episode Ten: Hunters: Scene 19

Of course, I kind of did have a shady past. Sort of. Some days I wondered if I had a past at all; but I knew that was wrong.

Either way, Morrow left us alone for the time being, and all we had to deal with was winter. I’d never have made it to school from PG County, even on the days school was open. We only had so many snow days and we’d already used way above average.

They were threatening us with Saturday school, which would have definitely cut into work. Or a considerably shorter summer vacation.
That made the snow days much less enjoyable. They were fun when you didn’t feel like you’d have to make them up.

And no fun for Mike. He, of course, didn’t get any days off, and he was spending more of his time trying to get homeless people to shelter than chasing bad guys.

Winter was wearing on all of us, but at least it seemed to be a fire giant free zone. And of frost giants, the only one I’d seen was that possible momentary glimpse of Skadi. Overall, I thought we were doing fine, even if the forecast said things would get worse before they got better.

“I really think somebody in this city pissed off Skadi,” Kanesha complained, kicking the snow off her boots. “And they’re saying this will last until March.”

“Or somebody in this city likes Skadi and is hanging out with her,” I quipped. “It’s not me.”

I wasn’t sure about the goddess of winter. She was, after all, also the goddess of vengeance. Which was something I didn’t want to think too much about. I knew I was rather inclined towards seeking it.

“Your dad?”

“He’s never hung out with…” I tailed off. “My uncle, on the other hand.” And I actually blushed.

“Oh. Dear. Yes.”

Maybe that was what was causing winter. Or being caused by winter. Either way, we were approaching the end of January, and it was an ice box. The midwest was even worse off. People were literally dying.
Ragnarok was winter, but I didn’t get the sense this was the start of it. I’d know. I was absolutely certain I’d know.

If nothing else than because I’d have people begging me to take sides. I wondered what would happen if somebody just refused to participate.

It probably wasn’t that easy. But no, this was just winter, and I sort of liked it. And sort of hated it. And then Morrow showed up again.

In, of course, a towering fury.

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