Episode Ten: Hunters: Scene 18

“I know you’re responsible for this.” This time it wasn’t outside school. It was outside the modeling agency, of all the embarrassing places.

“What?” I asked in genuine innocence.

“Somebody sabotaged my car.”

I shook my head. “Somebody who didn’t like cops. What happened? Slashed tires?”

“More creative than that.” He let out a breath. “You actually didn’t do it?”

I shook my head. “Nah. I’m not into pranks that actually cause people real problems.”

“Just sneaking hot pepper into brownies.”

“That wasn’t a prank.” I knew he’d never believe me, of course.
“Then you’re crazy.”

“I’m not denying that. Just denying sabotaging your car.”

“They disconnected the gas pedal.”

“Then it definitely wasn’t me. I’d have no idea how to do that.” At least it wasn’t the brake pedal. I didn’t want him hurt…if only because suspicion would fall on me. But he had mellowed. Just a teeny tiny bit.

He pursed his lips. “Really?”

“I can’t even drive.”

He could check up on that. I really couldn’t, although I supposed I should fix it once I hit the right age. Well, I could drive a bike. No, I could drive a bike with a mind of its own. That didn’t count.

“You shouldn’t be driving for, what, two more months.”

I nodded a bit. “Exactly. And when I do, I want to go for a motorcycle license. Easier to get through traffic.”

“You’re nuts,” he informed me. But he gave up on me as a suspect for the pranks for now, and wandered off.

“Why you got the cops asking after you?” That was Tiffany, one of the other models, from inside.

“Oh, he’s convinced I’m really hiding some kind of shady past.” I rolled my eyes. “He needs to go find some actual criminals to chase. That obvious that he’s a cop?”

“Oh yeah. You definitely don’t have a shady past if you can’t see it.”

I laughed and went back inside.

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