Episode Nine: Fairies: Scene 28

A sense of anger followed me home, though. Somebody wasn’t happy about Thor raining on his parade. And there was no sign of the big guy. I changed course, trying to stay in public places for now.

“Next time, little girl, stay out of things that don’t involve you.” The voice came from next to me.

“Next time don’t threaten people under my protection.”

“Your little dark-skinned pet? I suppose I can leave her out of things.”

I didn’t look. There was no point. Whatever form he wore wouldn’t be his real form. But I also knew he couldn’t really hurt me, knew it with strong confidence. “Stop messing with me.”

“Or you’ll call your father.”

“Or I’ll call my uncle.” I suddenly felt I might be able to deliver on that threat, and if there was anyone major demons were going to be scared of…

“Threats, threats.” But the sense of a presence was gone.

He couldn’t hurt me. He could hurt Kanesha, but I thought I’d made it clear the threats extended to her. And making enemies was going to be part of my life. I wasn’t stupid – I knew it was going to be part of my life from now on and forever.

As long as none of them took me out somehow. I knew I shouldn’t be overconfident.

A moment later, Thor stepped out of a doorway. He was wearing biker leathers, much as his daughter did, and the hammer wasn’t particularly visible.

“Thanks for earlier.”

“Thanks for getting my attention.”

“I know you didn’t come to help me.”

He paused, then nodded slightly. “You didn’t need it. Is the real target still around?”

“I told him I’d beat him up if he stayed, and I think he left.” Beat. “Persuasion didn’t work.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll do it,” he offered.

The only other time I’d seen him he’d been looking for Loki to drop him in the Reflecting Pool. I cracked a grin. “He’s not worth your time. I can handle him.”

He stopped walking and I turned to face him. His hair was red, but a different shade of red from Loki’s. And he had very clear blue eyes, the same very clear blue as Thruor. “You look like your mother.”

“I noticed that.” I stretched a little bit. “Doesn’t matter, I suppose.”

“Maybe it does. But a lot’s still not decided. Be careful.”

“What, you actually care about me?”

“No, I care about Ragnarok not happening quite yet. I have a few things I’d like to get done first.” He winked at me and strode off.

I watched him go. They all seemed determined to accept me despite my parentage. Or maybe the comment about my mother meant something more than just physical appearance.


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