Episode Nine: Fairies: Scene 27

Oddly, I wasn’t afraid for myself. The deadly rain wouldn’t hurt me. I knew that. But it would hurt the others…and I needed help.

I felt something stir within me, but it was unformed. A desire to have power that was not quite formed into the power itself. It could have been fire or ice or something else, but it wasn’t what was needed.

But some of it went, nonetheless, into the repeat of the name. Thor. More in my mind than on my lips. I wasn’t praying – I was just trying to get his attention.

And the cloud was reft in two. It happened so quickly that I blinked and saw an afterimage of it as it was. Lightning came through the gap and caused people to scatter. “Thank you.”

The cloud scattered, broken into tiny pieces. Small amounts of rain fell, and some hit a tree, causing bark and leaves to hiss.

“Back inside!” somebody yelled. We ran back inside, even though the fire alarm was still blaring. Acid rain. They’d probably say it was some weird pollution thing. But as I glanced back outside I saw Thor standing there. He glanced over his shoulder, winked at me, and walked off.

I knew he hadn’t actually come to help me. But I didn’t care. I only cared right now about one thing. Ignoring everyone else, I stalked through the crowd until I found Merrifield, and kept stalking until he backed into the nearest classroom.

“You’re leaving. Now.”

“I’m not…”

“You’re not responsible for the actions of your enemies, no, but you know it’s the only way to get this guy to stop. Go to the courts. He can’t get to you there. Everyone will be safe. I can’t fight him, but I can probably beat you up if I have to.”

“After last night?”

“That was between you and him, not you and me, and that was before somebody tried to kill the entire population of this school to hurt you. Go. Or at the very least find a good disguise and move to London or something. Or I will hurt you.” I was angry, and I knew I was being somewhat unfair, but I couldn’t get to the demon.

I could get to Merrifield. And he knew I meant it. I didn’t plan on doing him any permanent damage, but I’d give him a set of bruises he would not be proud of.

I meant it. All of it. I was going to hurt him if he didn’t leave.

He fled the room, brushing past me and heading for the door.

“What did you say to him?” Kanesha’s voice.

“Something I hope he won’t repeat to the principal. But it would be hard for him to explain.” It did occur to me Merrifield could get me suspended if not expelled. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t.

I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be seeing him again.

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