Episode Six: Daddy Issues: Scene 20

I bumped into Martin again outside an adult store. He looked closer to 21 than 16 now and was flanked by two women dressed like Thruor on one of her modeling gigs.

Succubi. I wasn’t stupid. “You brought friends.”

He grinned, then shrugged, “Just out for a bit of fun.”

“I know how that kind of fun ends.”

“Oh, come on. They aren’t going to eat anyone’s souls.”

I shook my head. “Well, with them, you don’t need to be trying to get into my pants.”

“Oh, I don’t know. You looked at yourself in the mirror lately?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, but…” The two women made me uncomfortable, exuding a kind of raw sexuality that wasn’t…right.

“Oh, it’s them you don’t want to hang out with. Why don’t the two of you go have some fun?” Both women detached themselves from him and wandered into the store. Did demons need to buy toys?

Maybe they were figuring that the customers would be easy prey. Which was possibly true. “So, what’s with the lady friends?”

He shrugged. “Protection from the next fomori who decides that demon hunting is fun. Fortunately, his banishment spell wasn’t very good.”

Ah, so that was what the ugly giant was. I stored it up for later research. “Or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint.”

“Oh, come on.”

“You’re hot, but I don’t trust you.” That was honesty.

“Good.” He stretched. “Sure you don’t want to come play?”

“Statutory rape.”

“Like you’re really sixteen,” was all he said, turning to walk away.

That I didn’t know about. I felt sixteen. At least I seemed to have all the same confusions and hormones and fluctuations as the other sixteen-year-old girls around me. If my age was measured differently in years it wasn’t measured differently in maturity.

And neither was his, but he could always make himself look sixteen again, then he wouldn’t be arrested. But I wasn’t going to sleep with him anyway. No. But if I could convince him…it was the best way to trick him into a proper banishment spell. I needed to work out what to do about those succubi, though. I wasn’t exactly going to stake out Barry as bait for them. I needed a guy who could take care of himself.

And my thoughts went right to the cop, Mike. Asking for his help might get more pressure on me to join head start, but…

He could handle them, he could fight, and I had a feeling he knew a bit of what was going on. At least as much as Prue did. Using anyone as bait was awkward, but I couldn’t see another alternative. Unless I convinced them to go after me, but that would, I thought, cool Martin’s ardor.
Which if we were going to trap him…

I couldn’t see any other choice.

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