Episode Five: Exes: Scene 23

Now that was a trick I could wish for I thought as I slipped away. I continued to think it for a while afterwards.

Odin had stepped in, but not to protect me. To protect the mundanes. I knew that was the reality of it. That they could not see anything quite that blatant. I wondered just how much trouble Thea’s ex was going to be in.

A lot. I didn’t imagine that pissing off Odin was a good career move, or even particularly good for one’s life expectancy. And, from the stories, Odin could be very creative when it came to punishing people who annoyed him.

Very creative indeed. But I still wished I could just wipe people’s memories. Or maybe casually make them not notice things like, oh, guns or swords I might be carrying. I went straight to Thea’s apartment.

“What happened?”

“Your ex got himself in jail and then teleported out. Odin had to send Munin to cover it up.”

Thea rolled her eyes. “Oh dear. The Old Man is not going to be happy at all.”

“Hopefully he’ll be not happy to the point of the guy not bothering you again for a few centuries.”

“Let’s hope so. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Physically, I was. And envying the power of somebody like Odin wasn’t healthy, so I made an effort to set those thoughts to one side. I would never be like him, in any way, shape or form, so I wasn’t going to try. I was just going to be me.

“Good. Wishing you could teleport?”

“Nah. Wishing I could make people casually not notice any weapons I might happen to be carrying,” I admitted. “Like your…’bike’.”

“That’s her ability, not mine,” Thea noted.

“Yeah, I figured. Still…I just want to have a sword when I need one.”

“That’s not…entirely impossible. It’s not my style…I’m my father’s daughter, but you might be able to learn a similar trick from the right person.”

Unfortunately, the only person I could think of to ask was Loki. The idea of being indebted to him bothered me more than I wanted to admit. Actually, it bothered me a lot.

It must have shown on my face, because Thea reached into her fridge and pulled out some chocolate fudge ice cream, serving both of us a small bowl.

Chocolate was the cure for all bad moods. But I was still lingering on the thought. Did I ask Loki to teach me or not?

Would that constitute taking his side? Would it upset the balance? I couldn’t see how, except that it might make him hopeful. On the other hand, he already was.

I set it to one side for now and tried my best to enjoy my ice cream in peace.

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