Episode Five: Exes: Scene 22

“Well, that got interesting.”

I sighed. Cop station again, but sitting opposite the cop who had helped me. “It did.”

“You need to stop making a habit of showing up here.”

I quirked my lips. “It’s not intentional, believe me.” It wasn’t, either, not at this point. But I was showing up at the police station.

“You just have friends with bad taste in men.”

I shook my head. “She has perfectly good taste. He’s mad because she turned him down and proving she was right to do it.”

Thea never had shown up, perhaps deciding the riot was going to take care of things for her. The two fire giants and the wannabe were all in lockup. I doubted they’d still be there in the morning.
The cop laughed. “Okay, I was starting to question your taste in friends.”

I wanted to say Lue wasn’t my friend because, really, she wasn’t. She was just…somebody who needed my help. But I didn’t. “People make mistakes. So, do you know some sort of martial art.”

He blushed. “Not exactly. I worked it out myself. It’s surprisingly useful for intimidation and I’d rather intimidate than fight.”

“The uniform helps with that.”

“Or just makes me a target, depending.” He shrugged a bit. “Not much I can do about it. I’ll always be a target, unless I go detective, and I don’t know that I want to.”

I decided I liked him. His name was Mike. Mike Potts. I’d remember that name. Not for anything romantic; he was too old for me and, in any case, that wasn’t on the cards. But I’d remember it. And hope he never got involved again.

“What the..?” A yell from the lockup.

“What?” Mike yelled back, standing up.

“The three guys you booked in. They’re gone.”

They hadn’t even made the effort to wait until people were asleep or occlude it. “What?” I managed, hoping I faked surprise well enough.


“Just vanished. We have no clue how.”

I frowned. This had to be covered up, somehow, even if they were my enemies. I felt raven wings brush against my cheek and nodded. Then while Mike wasn’t looking, I got up and slipped out.



None of them would remember what had happened. Although I suspected my presence would still be recalled.

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