Episode Five: Exes: Scene 20

We found Thea at her current apartment, not far from the zoo, and headed for dinner in Adams Morgan.

I still felt guilty, but I needed to save my money. Still, two people buying me dinner in as many days. Thea had had a gig on Saturday night.

“So, we can’t help Lugenia. Maybe we’ll get a break.”
Thea shook her head. “We won’t. There’s a worse problem on the horizon. I’m investigating it.” She cut off a piece of her steak.

“Let me know if you need our help.”

Thea nodded. “I might. I might not. I don’t know yet. If it’s a really serious problem…”

“…you’ll call your sisters.” I wanted, in that moment, to ask her. Was I one of them? Was that what I had been before being exiled?

Hidden. Not exiled. Hidden. I glanced outside. There was a crow on a lamp post. A very large crow.

No. It was a raven. I nodded to him, and he spread his wings, flying off. I didn’t ask if it was who I thought it was. I didn’t need to. I did wonder which one.

And I knew who had whispered that into my mind. Inwardly, I smiled. Hidden was better, I supposed. It still wasn’t…well. But it didn’t feel like a punishment.

Hidden where I couldn’t even find myself. The thought was amusing, but I set it to one side and munched on my fish. Then the raven circled back. “Caw.”

“I think that means trouble.”

“So do I.” Thea glanced at her plate. “So much for dinner. I’ll pay. You get out to the street and see what’s going on.”

I nodded, standing and moving outside, Kanesha four steps behind me. The raven was now on the little railing by the outdoor seating area, mantling and glaring down the street.

Thea’s ex.

With company. Fire giant type company. Two of them, flanking him on either side. To mundane sight they looked like thugs. “I don’t believe it. Jumping ship like that because Thea wouldn’t sleep with him?”

“Those are…”

“Fire giants. We don’t want to mess with them if we don’t have to.” Anything they did would look like…well.

There was a car nearby. I moved away from it rather than using it for cover, glancing inside, then nodding to the raven again. His presence gave me confidence. “Let’s see.” Mundane water wouldn’t stop them unless we hit them in the eyes with it or something. They kept coming.

“Where’s Thea?”

“Not here,” I told him, bravely. “Why don’t you go hang out with your new friends?”

“Kill her,” he ordered the giants.

“No. She’s on the list,” the one on his right rumbled. “But we can beat her up for you.”

“Kanesha, run,” I murmured. A moment later they’d realize she wasn’t on the list…


“I mean it. Run.”

She did.

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