Episode Five: Exes: Scene 19

“That was the one, right?” Kanesha said once we couldn’t see the guy.

“You saw him too? I think he got in the serial killer queue for those eyes.”

“Totally,” she agrees. “I’m half hoping he does make a move so you can pull and twist.”

I giggled a bit. “Yeah. I keep having to seek out good men so I know they still exist.”

“Hrm. There’s this bookstore clerk.” Kanesha sounded a little dreamy.

“Stop that, you. You have college to worry about. No boys until you have that scholarship.” I elbowed her.

“He’s nice, though. He wants to ask me out, I can tell, but he’s way too shy.”

“Maybe that’s the key. Find the shy ones. Although Thea would say we need guys who can keep up with us. Which means you need a smart guy who knows martial arts.”

“At least a smart guy,” Kanesha agreed. “And you…hrm. Not sure what you need. Somebody who knows the things you don’t, and doesn’t know the things you do, and can fight.”

“But I still don’t really know anything,” I pointed out, with a grin. “But I know what you mean. I just…” I tailed off. “I’m not sure dating anyone would be a good idea.”

“That’s why you pick one that can fight, so he can look after himself. Maybe somebody good with a gun.”

I shook my head. “You go back to dreaming over shy bookstore clerks. And worrying about that scholarship.”

I would never forgive myself if she missed her chance at college because of me. Never. I feared she would, though.

“I am worrying about it. I can’t afford tuition and you know I won’t get any help. I’ll probably end up having to go to a community college and transfer. What about you?”

“If I’m lucky, the modeling thing will take off. I’m no academic. You’re way smarter than I am.”

“Says the girl who pulled her grades up from D average to B in six months.”

I blushed. “Uh…”

“You’re plenty smart once you get caught up. You should think about college too.”

I shook my head, glancing up at the sky. “I have other things to do. Things I’m needed for.”

I felt a shadow pass across the sun, but then smiled. I was absolutely sure for a moment it was a winged horse.

A valkyrie. And not on any dark mission. “Let’s go track down Thea. If we can.”

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