Episode Four: Prank War: Scene 15

“You asked your friend about modeling?” Thea almost pouted.

“Well, aren’t all your contacts in…” I tailed off. “You know.”

“Yeah, but I can give you some tips.” She brushed back her hair. She clearly wasn’t insulted. Much. “You should ask as many people as you can. If it’s really what you want to do.”

“Prue said I wasn’t the right build for high fashion, but would do well in catalogue work.”

“You’d also do well in pro cosplay, but that’s close to the edge of fetishwear.”


“Yeah. Dressing up as characters from comics and books and such. They hire people to do that kind of thing for…usually for covers, but sometimes to hang out at conventions and pretend to be the character. Requires a bit more acting. And also…high fashion will make you too noticeable.”

“Good point, but this is something I know I can do. I can’t make money from fighting monsters.”

“Or pranking fairies.”

My lips quirked. “I hope I got it with the latest one. And hey, while it’s pranking me, it’s not bothering anyone else.”

“Good point. Okay. Here’s what I really need to talk to you about. I have to head home for a bit.”

I nodded. “Figured you would sooner or later. With the cultists being quiet, I can probably manage.”

“Keep your head down where normal people are concerned. Don’t go seeking out really dangerous stuff. Get backup if it seeks you out. And don’t be afraid to use your sword if you have to.”

I nodded again. “I’m not afraid to use it. I’m afraid to be caught using it by the cops.”

“That’s smart, but there might come a time when it’s take it and use it just to survive. Don’t be afraid of that time. You might be surprised.”

“I’d get arrested.”

“You’d be surprised who knows aspects of the truth.”

I thought of Prue’s unexpected knowledge of fairies, and nodded. “Take care.”

“Don’t worry. This isn’t that kind of trip. I’m in no danger.”

“You should still take care…Thruor.”

She didn’t even blink as I used her real name. Just smiled slightly and then turned to walk away. I watched her go reluctantly, not wanting to see her disappear into the distance but unable to look away.

I still couldn’t work out all of my various feelings, but I knew I should try and train those I held for her towards sisterly.

And well, well away from romantic.

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