Episode Four: Prank War: Scene 14

Finding no trouble, I eventually found my way back home. The next day, I intentionally sat with Prue at lunch.

That would get a few looks, but I wanted to pick her brains. “Hey, Prue.”

“You want something,” she said, suspiciously.

I slid her one of the last two cayenne brownies.

“You definitely want something.”

“Do you know anything about how a girl would get into modeling?”

One eyebrow arched. “You’re tall enough, at least. A little more on the curves than they like for high fashion, but you could do catalogue easily enough. Or niche.”

“I’m not comfortable with doing some niches.”

She laughed.

“What? I have a friend who does the fetishwear thing and it just makes me…uncomfortable.” I was even blushing a little, I could feel it.

“Then you probably don’t want to do lingerie either, although you certainly could.”

I let out a breath. “But not haute couture.”

“They want clothes hangers for that. Straight up and down. Shows off the clothes better. For catalogue, they want attractive, but more real looking girls. And niche doesn’t have to mean fetish.”

“So. What would I need to do?”

“Clean yourself up to as close to perfect as possible and start going around the agencies. Smile. Don’t look too desperate. So…is this the plan for escaping retail?”

I flickered a grin. “It’s a thought for escaping retail. I wouldn’t have thought of it if my friend wasn’t doing it. I’m sure it takes skill and training to do right, but…”

“Your grades aren’t vital, but a good GPA shows you have dedication. Get yours up as best you can. Do you have a good makeup kit?”

“No, but I’m sure I can fix that.”

“Don’t cheap out any more than you have to. Get good stuff. Work an extra shift or two if you have to. And…free Saturday afternoon?”

I nodded.

“I’ll give you a quick lesson.”

Would this pull her in? Nah. I doubted anyone could see Prue as a threat or somebody worth taking as a hostage. She was more than she seemed, though.

She knew about fairies. I lowered my voice. “Also, know of any good ways to prank fairies?”

“Oh dear. Did you get into a prank war with one?”


She laughed. “Oh, I think I can give you ideas.”

I smiled. Maybe I didn’t have to worry about pulling her in. Maybe she already was.

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