Episode Twenty-Six: Prom: Scene 2

Thruor was definitely back. We sparred, and she complained that I hadn’t been practicing enough.

“I need somebody your level to practice against.”

She grinned at me. “He’s fine, by the way.”

It was a weird way to think of it. “I’m sorry.”

“He’s not going to accept that. It wasn’t your fault.” Her grin came back, and then she forced me into a corner of the room.

“I yield.”

“You’re still doing well. Multiple war demons.”

“Your dad had to rescue me.”

“I heard. He’s holding it over Loki.”

I made a face. “Of course he is. I hope in a more affectionate way, though.”

“Definitely in a more affectionate way. They don’t hate each other as much as they let on.”

“I figured.” It also explained Thor’s motive for rescuing me when the valkyries could probably have handled it. Ammunition against Loki.

“So. Again?”

I nodded. “Again.”

I did better in the second bout and afterwards we settled down in her new apartment. She’d let the rent lapse on the old one or something. This one was near the zoo, and had a nice view of Rock Creek Park.

It was the kind of place I wouldn’t mind getting myself, but I was still saving all the money I could. Of course, I could use somewhere a bit bigger.

She handed me a glass of apple juice. “So, what’s going on?”

“Had to banish a succubus who was trying to collect Senate votes.”

She rolled her eyes. “That happens every few years.”

“She’d probably have got away with it, but she made the mistake of targeting a guy who turned out to be immune.”

Thruor laughed. “Oh dear. There’s the occasional one of those and I do love to see the faces of the sex-oriented types when they come up against it.”

I grinned. “Nice guy, too. When you aren’t threatening his family.”

“She should have tried offering him money.”

I shrugged. “Oh, I’m sure she tried that angle first, but some people are immune to that too.”

“Some people certainly are.” She looked thoughtful. “It might be useful to be friendly with a Senator.”

I considered that. “I wouldn’t want to try and control him, but he does owe us a favor. Maybe he can get us into places we couldn’t otherwise. I’ve had to sneak into some high end parties.”

Thruor shuddered. “I hate the current trend in high end parties. They all try to be so refined. Then they get drunk and ruin it. Should cut straight to the drinking.”

I laughed. “Probably. I don’t mind it, though.”

“So, we sneak you in.”

“Right. But if I can get friendly with Sarlac, I won’t have to sneak in.” The idea had possibilities. “And nobody’s going to think I’m his barely-legal piece on the side.”

“Not if his reputation for being resolutely uninterested is solid, no.”

“It’s a good idea. Besides, I actually kind of like him.” And it was too late to avoid involving him in stuff.

Far too late for that.

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