Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 10

She didn’t attack me on the spot, at least. Rather, she demanded I leave again.

I left. The building. It had been worth a try. I didn’t believe her, of course. She meant to profit off of chaos, even if she didn’t cause it.

That, I reminded myself, was my father’s job. But he wasn’t into starting wars. Finishing them, maybe.

Having fun on the way, for sure. Wars were more…more Odin’s field. Or Thor’s. Thor liked a good fight too.

So did I, for that matter. Did that make me a little baby war goddess?

I took a long way home, walking along the mall. I realized I had company about halfway down.

“Hello, angel.”

The angel inclined his head to me. “Hello, Lokisdottir.”

“You got me, but I never did get a name from you.” I smiled a bit.


“Thank you.”

“So, you talked to a succubus.”

“I thought I could get her to back down. She’s being stubborn.”

“She agreed to a contract. She will lose a lot of status if she fails to deliver.”

I nodded. “I see that. But she has something else in mind.”

“War and destruction are good for demon business.” The angel studied me. “We need her to break the rules.”

“Does kidnapping kids count?”

“Was it her?”

“It was another succubus working for her.”

“Which…can you prove that?”

I shook my head. “No. I suppose that means she left her lackey to take the hit for hassling innocents?”

The angel nodded. “Indeed.”

“Can you get Father Will her name?”

“It is not that easy, but I am helping him. All you have to do is slow her down.” Sarael smiled again.

“Thank you.”

I felt a lot better at that. Slow her down until Will could get hold of what he needed to exorcise her, and the thought of her losing status in Hell was a pleasant one.

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