Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 9

I decided to focus back on the succubus. Her, I thought I could stop. On Saturday, I made my way to the Red Flowers office. Stepped inside, my hair neat, my entire appearance as professional as I could make it.

“Can I help you?” asked the receptionist.

“Tell your boss I need to talk to her. She knows who I am.” It was brazen, but talking to her again seemed like the next step, now I’d made sure as best I could that Sarlac’s family were safe.


And she stepped out of the elevator. She’d shifted her appearance – she looked like an older and somehow perfected version of Kanesha.

“Nice try,” I said.


“I’m here to talk.” I showed her my hands. “Nothing more.”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t come back.”

“I was removing some leverage.”

She beckoned me into the elevator. She wasn’t nearly as scary as Surtur, so I followed without hesitation. It took us up to a swanky office. “I see the escort business,” I followed up. “Pays as well as I hear.”

“This isn’t about the money.”

“I know. What is it about?”

She studied me. “You’re a clever opponent, but I’d expect that from your parentage. Maybe you’ll leave me alone if I tell you the truth.”

“You’re a demon. Are you even capable of telling anyone the truth?”

She laughed. “The truth is that I’m working on a soul payment.”

“You’re making somebody rich.” I let it lie there. “But I can’t let you keep doing this.”

“Why not? It’s nothing to do with you, your affairs, the affairs of your father? I don’t plan on destroying the world. Just making sure one guy gets a contract.”

“To blow people up.”

She blew on her fingers. “I don’t need to start any wars. Humanity can handle that just fine on their own. So. Will you stay out of my way?”

I had to be honest. “No.”

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