Episode Twenty-One: Searches: Scene 26

I discovered Loki had also taken care of me being sick at school. I got expressions of sympathy from several quarters about the rotten cold I’d apparently had while really chasing around Africa.

Afterwards, I hooked up with Seb. “So, any luck?”

“Would help if that dang dog of yours would talk.”

I laughed. “He’s still just a dog.” As if the thought of him had conjured his presence, which it likely had, the dog showed up and shoved his nose under my hand for a scratch.

“But no, we haven’t found them yet. Hopefully we will before…”

“Before they strike again. Clara?”

“Out of the hospital. Recovering physically and magically. Not mad with you.”

“We need bait,” I said finally, grimly. “I hate the idea, but the only way we’re going to find them is bait.”

Seb nodded. “Maybe one of Clara’s coven sisters could do it.”

“If I was more confident about hiding magical signatures, I’d disguise myself. But that seems to be a little ropy.”

He frowned, then nodded again. “Then we’ll have to ask them and set up a nice ambush for the fire giant bastards.”

“Who will sense me immediately.” I frowned. “So, I need to not be there, or to be a bit further away with a quick way of moving in.”

“Maybe you can borrow Thruor’s bike.”

“She’s not a bike,” I said with a grin. “I’ll ask them.” Knowing it wasn’t just Thruor I needed to ask.

“Okay. Or…”

I shook my head. “I can’t do dimensional portals. I think that’s locked out until Odin decides to let me go back.”

And I had made up my mind not to care. Angrboda had a point, but he was still…he was still the boss. The one in charge. The one responsible for the good and the bad.

I respected him.

“He really needs to…”
“Stop that. Besides, I’m not going anywhere for right now.” I didn’t tell him I didn’t feel comfortable in Asgard, because it scared me more now I’d thought about the implications.

You will never be one of my sisters. The knowing way Angrboda had looked at me. The implication I felt and feared was that I was meant to be on the side generally considered evil.

She had wanted me to doubt which side truly was.

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