Episode Twenty-One: Searches: Scene 25

Back on Earth, I sipped at hot chocolate to get rid of the lingering chill.

“I almost wish I’d gone with you.”

I made a face, “Kanesha, you’d have turned into an icicle. I don’t think you have thermal clothing anywhere near up to it.”

She grinned. “You’d have thawed me out.”

The implication in her voice was obvious. “I was cold too. So, you, icicle.”

She made a face at me. “In other words, you wouldn’t be willing to get cold for me?”

I could tell she knew I was goofing off. “You’re just annoyed you didn’t get to meet giants.”

“Why would I want to? They’re pains in the neck. Especially your dad.”

I laughed. “Remember what that makes me.”

“Seriously hot?”

“Okay, okay.” Bedroom time was clearly where we were heading. “But let me get warm first.”

I didn’t want to hug her while I still felt this chilled.

“Then there had better be more of that hot chocolate.”

“There’s plenty.” I curled my hands around the mug. “It’s gone. But we still have Clara’s problem to deal with.”

And the big, fiery problem I was nowhere close to a solution for.

“So, what was Angrboda like?”

“Nice. Believe it or not, nice. She wanted to use the artifact to free Fenris, but seemed to decide it was a bad idea.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want the world to end either.” Kanesha frowned. “I mean, she might…”

“Might well die in the fighting. She struck me as the type who would fight.”

After what Odin did to her kids. I added, “Ultimately, I think she wanted me to think carefully about who’s side I’m on.”

“And who’s are you on?”

“Stopping Ragnarok. I don’t fully trust Odin, but I like him.” Which was an odd position to be in, given what he’d done to my siblings. “Which I shouldn’t, but I do.”

Kanesha grinned. “That’s because you like everyone. Except Tyz’vel.”

“Don’t even say that name.” I finished my hot chocolate, jumped out of my seat and pretty much made her shut up with kisses.

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