Episode Sixteen: Bombs: Scene 31

“It shouldn’t have affected you.” That was what was echoing in my mind. She would be fine. She wasn’t badly hurt.

I carried her, carefully, home. Where Thruor was waiting. Mike was right behind me.

“What happened?”

Kanesha grumbled. “I can walk.”

“Not until you’ve been checked out.” I set her down.

“She…” Thruor moved over. “Okay. You know where I keep that ointment, Jane.”

I nodded. I remembered. I still needed some of it myself. But Kanesha? Kanesha was mortal. It shouldn’t have burned her. It couldn’t have. I was terrified, I realized.

How many people would have died?

Instead of saying that, though, I got the ointment. “You missed the angel, Kanesha. He was coming in in full glory, wings out, flaming sword, the works.” I glanced at Thruor. “I need to learn some intimidation tricks.”

Thruor grinned. “I have a few, but they wouldn’t be for you.”

“Valkyrie stuff.” I did wonder. “Show me some time?”

She grinned again. “Sure.” Then she went back to tending to Kanesha’s “sunburn.”

I paced, and looked at Mike, and paced some more. Then I realized I wasn’t helping anyone and just sat down, my head in my hands. “If the angel calls, I’m up for helping remove bombs.”

Mike nodded. “Me too. Actually, probably better if I do.”

“You didn’t get hurt.” And Kanesha did. What was the difference between them? Mike was Thruor’s as Kanesha was mine.

Was it something I’d done? Had I done something to her?

Kanesha sat up finally. “That’s much better. A spell?”

I glanced at her. Glanced at Thruor. “For some reason, the spirit bomb hurt you. It shouldn’t have.”

There was an oddly knowing look on Thruor’s face, though. I decided I wasn’t going to ask her. Not in front of Kanesha.

Instead, I was going to stay with her…and I did. With ice cream, which I knew would make her feel better. Knew from experience.

“Why would it hurt me?” she asked, softly.

“I don’t know. I’ll find out, but this is…it has to be my fault, right?”
And Thruor, coming out of the kitchen with ice cream, “Do you love her?”

I looked up. “Yes.”

“I tried to warn you.”


Thruor grinned, cast a look over at a sheepish Mike. “I never said I loved him.”

I’d done something to her. I didn’t even know what.

Most of all, I didn’t know what to do now.

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