Episode Sixteen: Bombs: Scene 30

I hit the deck instinctively. We were on the twelfth floor, so whatever was coming through the window had to be supernatural.

It was an angel. Perhaps it was the same angel I’d seen before, but before I had seen him trying to look more or less human.
This was an angel in full flight, literally. His eyes glowed and his wings reflected the light not white but in all the colors of the rainbow, as if iridescence beyond any claimed by a bird lay within their depths.
He was wielding a, literally, flaming sword. Pretty much everyone in the room screamed. I admit I let out a bit of a yelp myself.

There wasn’t any cover in the room. “Where,” the angel said. “Are the bombs?”

He ruined my bluff, but I wasn’t sure I cared. I wasn’t sure I cared about anything but stopping them, and he was doing a far better job than I on the intimidation stakes.

I needed to work on that. I was so used to sneaking around I hadn’t thought about those times when I might want to be all big and spectacular. Like, well, right now. I picked myself up, at least.

The angel nodded to me. “Lokisdottir.”
That acknowledgment led the older of the hunters to look at him. Look at me. And go pale.

“No, don’t worry. I’m not that Lokisdottir. Or you’d all be dead.”
The angel laughed. A ringing sound. I still didn’t like angels, but at least this one could laugh. “Indeed. You would.”

Then he turned to the pale faced woman. “Where are they?”

“She said she defused them.”

I shrugged. “I lied.”

The angel nodded to me. “You will give me their location and maybe, maybe I will put a good word in for you.” He turned to me. “You should go to your lady.”

I nodded. I figured I could let him handle it. I stepped back outside, moved over to Kanesha’s crumpled form.

It looked like she had been burned. But that was not possible. It looked like the same damage I’d taken…but she stirred and tried to roll over. “Wha…happen?”

“You got hit by a spell, by the looks. It’s fine. We’re going home.”

“What about them?”

“An unexpected ally is dealing with them.”

I turned to Prue. “Call me if you need me to help remove bombs.”
Then I was leaving. With my lady.

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