Episode Fifteen: Legalities: Scene 2

His eyes fixed on mine and mine on his.

“Mr. Fitz…this lady’s looking to file a restraining order. Is Obadiah in?”

Lady, not young lady. That made me pretty sure it had worked. “He went to lunch.” He studied me for a moment.

I thought I could see myself reflected in his eyes. Along with flame. “Sarah Johnson,” I introduced. “I’m having problems with a rather annoying ex.”

“Ah. Some men won’t take no for an answer, will they.”

I shuddered inwardly, but I was sure of it now. This man wasn’t willingly doing Tyz’vel’s bidding. “So…”

“I do more personal injury cases. And police brutality. It’s Mr. Lawson you want…you could wait or come back later.”

Yeah. This was the man I wanted, alright. But I couldn’t just free him of Tyz’vel’s influence. Maybe Father William could?

More likely it was going to be harder than that. A complicated sequence of actions, and even then? I couldn’t be sure he hadn’t let him in willingly.

Like I said, they did say lawyers had no souls. Either way, he scurried out of the door.

“I’ll come back later. Maybe in a couple of hours.” Hopefully, she would remember me as somebody who lost her nerve, or got caught up in something, or decided to go somewhere else.

A block away from the building, I shed my uncertain disguise. So, I knew that Fitz was the one responsible and I knew Tyz’vel was standing behind him tugging on his strings.

I didn’t know if he had let the demon in intentionally. I didn’t know if he was actually my enemy.
And even if he was, I couldn’t kill him. Or even beat him up. Or even ask him to back down. I had to…first of all, I could hope that Mike’s boss would make this go away. If not?

Mike could find his own lawyer. I trusted him on that front. But he was going to need every bit of help he could get.

“So, now you know.” Tyz’vel’s voice. Well, Martin’s. He was using that form again.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. You really think anything will get me to come with you? I’d rather go with Surtur.”

“Not true. If you go with him, all the people you care about die.”

I quirked my lips. “Good point. But I almost had your tame lawyers help me file a restraining order against you.”

He shapeshifted into Kanesha. “Wouldn’t work,” he said in her voice.

I wanted to slap him. I didn’t.

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