Episode Fourteen: Shadows: Scene 31

It was a sober dinner table. “I wasn’t anywhere near where they said I was. I think it’s a case of mistaken identity.”

I sighed. “Can your boss make this go away.”

“He’s working on it, but in the meantime I have to be absolutely proper and behave perfectly. Which means, so do you.” He looked at me. “Don’t get caught hunting vampires and…”


“…kill the PDAs.”

Kanesha was the first to say it, “What?”

“You reflect on me, and the Captain said that it being obvious that my foster daughters are lesbians would reflect badly. Would be ammunition.”

I was on my feet. Then I took a deep breath. “Okay. But we shouldn’t have to and I’m not going to hide in the back of the closet.”

“I’m not asking you to, just to try not to be photographed kissing on the Metro.”

I glanced at Kanesha. “Figured nobody would care.”

“They probably wouldn’t either. It was on somebody’s tumblr, though, and somebody somehow connected it to me.” Mike sighed. “Like I said, as soon as they realize I wasn’t there, it’ll go away. Give it a few days.”

“Assuming this isn’t some kind of supernatural thing.” My tone was grim.

“Yeah.” Mike looked at me. “Look into it, okay? I can’t. Not right now.”

I nodded.

“And I’ll do some research.” Kanesha leaned over and kissed me before vanishing upstairs, a kiss that said that she didn’t care what anyone thought about us kissing in public and left me rather wanting more.

That wasn’t an option, though. “Give me the name of their attorney.”

Mike nodded. “They’ll…”

“…not even notice me. I’ve been practicing. I could probably sneak past you, let alone some lawyer who only knows me from a photo.” I grinned. “I’ll take care of it.”

And I slipped out. Lawyers worked late – I was pretty sure there would still be somebody at the firm of Torrent and Locke even now.

And there was. Lights were burning, but I didn’t care about that. I closed my eyes.

I got a strong sense of a presence. Not a presence I wanted.


Well, they do say lawyers have no souls.

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