Episode Thirteen: Hunted: Scene 17

Like that would stop me. I tried to kick in the hinges. Nothing. Somebody screamed again, and I could hear rattling.

They were trying to get the fire escape open. But if I couldn’t open the doors, nobody else here could. I could hear Monica’s breathing next to me.

“Or somebody’s really messing with us. The door’s barricaded from the outside.”

“You’re kidding.”


If they set fire to the building…but I knew it was Tyz’vel. Taking everyone here hostage to get me to agree to go with him. What could I do? Kanesha knew the risks. These people were genuine innocents. I couldn’t let them be hurt or killed.

I couldn’t go with him. Which meant that I had to solve this some other way. He knew my strength, but… “Let’s try together, okay?”

I leaned against the door and so did Monica. It gave abruptly and we both fell out into the corridor. The sudden light dazzled me. “Monica, get everyone out.”

She nodded. “What…”

“I think I know who did this. I’m going to knee him in the nuts.”

“Go girl.”

The question was where was he? I stepped out into the street. He was there, opposite, and he’d chosen an appearance that looked like Kanesha if somebody added a Y chromosome. He clapped slowly. “How did you do it?”

“You underestimated me again, Tyz’vel.” Using his real name out loud was a gamble, but everyone else was more interested in getting out. “Now, here’s how this is going to work. You’re going to leave me alone.”

“Or? You’ll blow up my physical form? You know that will just slow me down. And if you come with me I’ll teach you the trick, Asgardian.”

My lips quirked. “Nice offer, but no thanks. You aren’t my type.”

He shifted into Kanesha. “I am now.”

I laughed a bit. “I can tell the difference. You aren’t that good a mimic.”

Tyz’vel shrugged. “You aren’t that good a warrior. And I think you’d find it hard to beat me up right now.”

He was right: I would find it hard, but at the same time. “I’ll wipe that face right off of you. But I’m not in the mood. I will deal with you.”

“What are you going to do? Call your mother?”


It occurred to me that the goddess of fidelity would have little patience with demons.

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