Episode Twelve: Efreet: Scene 30

A new ally, though, that was a good thing. Now I just had to talk to Seb about getting him to talk to Clara.

I found him at Father William’s church. I had apparently become more sensitive to certain things, because the church now felt…not like hostile territory, no, but more like somebody else’s home. A place built to be comfortable for them and not necessarily for anyone else who might enter.

I could understand that. Of course, there weren’t any Norse temples around for me to compare it to. I wasn’t sure the Norse had ever really gone for temples. Just shrines and stuff.

“Hey, Seb.”

“Is this a social call?”

“I wanted to talk to your trainer.”

He hesitated. “About?”

“There’s a young woman, a quite talented witch, who’s interested in being a hunter. Maybe you could help hook her up.”

“Oh, not with my trainer, not if she’s a witch, but we can find something.” Seb grinned at me.

“Besides, I don’t want her falling in with any more…well…”

“Oh, was she involved in that mess? I heard about that.”

“That mess, yes. I had to beat some people up about it.”

“You were involved in that?”

“Yeah. I helped Clara get out and they retaliated by trying to curse Kanesha.”

Seb whistled. “Idiots.”

“Then they summoned a demon prince and he dragged their high priestess down to hell. Unfortunately, it was Tyz’vel.”

“Not. Him. Again.” Seb made a face. “Are you ever going to get rid of him?”

“My best hope is that he’ll get bored with chasing me eventually and move on to some other prospect for queen of Hell.”

“Princess, anyway. Unless he plans on challenging Lucifer.”

“…maybe that is what he’s up to. I hope he does. Lucifer would kick his butt, right?”


Then I decided I would hope he did something that stupid. Because that might get rid of him for a while. Like, a few millennia while.

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