Episode Twelve: Efreet: Scene 28

Not that I got the option any time soon. It wasn’t Tyz’vel who knocked on the door of our home.

It was Abdul.

The first words out of his mouth were, “I’m sorry.”

I shook my head. “I’m not blaming you.” I knew immediately what for.

“Her father told me to stay away from her. I thought she’d be safe.”

“Fathers are protective. Come in?”

He didn’t step one foot inside until invited, whether from manners or some supernatural restriction. I rather thought the former.

“So, I will stay away from her until she is of age…but would you keep an eye on her?”

“I’m going one better. I’m introducing her to some people who can train her.”

“As a fighter?”

“As the witch she’s clearly very capable of being.” I studied the efreet.

“Women fighters are…” He tailed off.

“Clara’s capable. She would probably have rescued herself if they hadn’t summoned a full blown demon prince.” I made a face.

“You have a history with that one?”

I nodded. “I suppose I do.”

“He finds you attractive.”

“Tea? Coffee?” When he nodded to the former I rummaged for bags. “So do you.”

“The difference is that I don’t want to make you my concubine or consort.”

“He did at least offer consort.” Which was definitely a step up, but from what I’d seen, even if I was inclined towards demons, he’d want concubines as well.

“Besides, it would be a forbidden relationship between us.”

“And Clara?”

“When she is fully a woman, there are no rules against it. I may be setting myself up for grief, as we live longer, but I would rather live and lose.”

I smiled. “It’s up to her, then. But do stay away from her until she’s old enough. I don’t want to see the cops trying to work out a way to arrest you for statutory rape.”

He laughed. “They would have to catch me first.”

“Well. You don’t have to stay away from me, but you probably don’t want to get between me and the demon.”

He laughed again. “I might be able to help with that.”

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