Episode Twelve: Efreet: Scene 25

Instead, I discovered that demons, when being male, are just as vulnerable to strikes to a certain area as human males.

“Touch me again and I’ll spit you.”

“You will make a fine queen of hell.” Unfortunately, they recovered far faster, but I’d managed to get some space.

Clara, pretty much naked as she shrugged off the ruined dress, was moving. The high priestess still seemed to be catatonic.

I wondered if she’d intended to summon this particular demon or if he was looking for a way to get back to me. “What happened to needing me to be willing?”

He made a dismissive gesture. “I’d prefer that, but I’ll take you any way I can get you.”

I hoped Mike wouldn’t come down here. I didn’t think he was up for this, although I was sure a couple of bullets in the skull would slow Martin down slightly. “To think I actually had some respect for you.”

At least he hadn’t brought succubi this time. I lifted the sword between us, but now I knew how fast he could move.

What did I do?

Clara was prepping a spell. I could feel it. Which meant so could he. He whirled and lifted a hand. “She told you to run. Brave, but foolish.”

I wondered if the high priestess was catatonic or paralyzed. The answer came a moment later – she was the target of Clara’s spell, not Martin. She snapped out of it, blinking as the girl reached for her hand.

“She can run as far as she wants. She’s already mine.”

I didn’t care about that. I cared about the fact that Martin’s back was turned to me for the crucial moment.

I ran him through with my sword. His body exploded into fire and ashes as the other two women fled for the stairs.

I wasn’t far behind them. Mike was upstairs to arrest the high priestess – I assumed he’d let the others go.

“Good work, Clara.”

“They were going to sacrifice me to him. Except it didn’t involve knives.”

“That’s probably why they want virgins,” I quipped.

“Probably. Got anything I can wear?”

I frowned. “Uh…” I took off my jacket, which at least allowed her to cover herself while I did a quick search of the house for things that might be her size.

I knew Martin would be back. Tyv’zel. But he’d have taken precautions against me banishing him again, surely.

What precautions could a demon take?

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