Episode Eleven: Interludes: Scene 23

It ended up with the four of us sitting around the dinner table. Clara had already called her parents and asked if she could go to a friend’s.

The yes had been surprising. We had Chinese takeout containers all over the table.

“Well, it’s not entrapment.”

“It’s not?”

“It’s only entrapment if the cop actually entices the person to break the law. For example, by pushing marijuana.”

I nodded. “And as they’ve done this before… But it’s very, very dangerous. And it could also put Clara in a position of swearing oaths and then breaking them.”

Kanesha cut in with, “If she didn’t mean to keep them, then would Ullr…it is Ullr who governs oaths right…be mad?”

“I think it’s Ullr. Or Tyr…either of those might lean in on it. Or even Odin.” I sighed. “I think intent matters, though.”

“I intend to stop them.” Clara looked quite serious. “And I know that it’s dangerous. And I know that it’s stupid.”

“It’s something a cop should do. We do have the perfect opportunity, but I’d be in huge trouble if I encouraged this. On the other hand, if I officially don’t know until she comes with a complaint…”

I nodded. “And I’ll talk to some people about the oath thing.”

“If we get them arrested, that will stop what you said was happening, right? I don’t quite get it.”

“The ancestor of one of the people they did this to has one of them possessed and wanted to kill them. I think that’s slightly excessive.”

Mike actually laughed. “Oh dear. Yes, it is, but a few years in the clink would be quite appropriate.”

“I wonder if I can talk him into letting her go. Then they’ll forget this happened and…this might be a long game.”

Clara nodded. “I know it will be. They aren’t going to do it when they let me in, so we’re talking a year and a day. I suppose I might learn something.”

“As long as it’s not demon summoning.”

“Actually,” Kanesha pointed out, “It might be useful to have somebody around who knows that. Might give us other methods for getting rid of Martin if he shows up again.”

I hesitated, then realized she had a point. “Then we have a plan. But be very careful, Clara. Don’t let them tie you to anything that can’t readily be broken.”

With that warning, I turned back to my Chinese food. I had this strong feeling Clara would never belong to the Aesir. Very strong. Maybe they didn’t want her.

Maybe she was already claimed by others.

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