Episode Eleven: Interludes: Scene 21

Trouble found me – and this time it wasn’t vampires. Fortunately, I’d picked up my sword on the way out.

The fire giant was fairly obvious from the fact that he was melting the snow around him.

“I hope you aren’t here for a fight.”

“I’m here to remind you of the offer made. And warn you that messing around with mortals…”

If they touched her, I’d kill them. “Surtur would be waiting for me forever. I said no and I meant no. It’s going to stay no.”

“But a mortal? Really? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised Loki’s daughter would choose a female, but…imagine when she’s all wrinkly.”

I put my hand meaningfully to my sword hilt. I honestly didn’t expect to get to stay with Kanesha that long anyway.

“You know I’m right or you wouldn’t be reaching for your weapon. Want to fight?”

He had a sword of his own. I shook my head. “Not here. You’re melting the snow.”

He glanced down. “So I am.”

“I’m in the mood for a fight. I’m not in the mood for fighting you right now, right here. Too much risk of the mundanes seeing something they shouldn’t.”

“Good point.”

“Then I take it you weren’t involved in teleporting people out of jail cells. Odin had to get Munin to cover for that one.”

The giant rolled his eyes. “No. I’m more subtle than that.”

I noticed he wasn’t melting the snow as much now I’d pointed that out. I actually almost liked him – of course, they couldn’t all be unmitigated evil. “Unusual, for a fire giant.”

He shrugged. “Look.” A pause. “Some of us would very much like you as our queen. He might listen to you.”

“No. He’s as much as said having me would embolden him to attack Asgard sooner. Of course, he’s just looking for an excuse. Isn’t he?”

“And then the mortals burn or freeze. Including your girl.”

“It’s not my job to talk him out of it.” It was my job to keep a bit of a leash on Loki. But Loki did listen to me, at least to a point. We had ties of blood, and that meant something.

“But wouldn’t you feel better to try?”

“Not if failing made things worse. I’m not going to fight you unless you attack me, but I’m not going with you either.” A pause. I opened my mouth to tell him what I’d do if he touched Kanesha.

Then I changed my mind. It might put her in more danger, with the way they thought and acted. No. Best to leave it as it was.

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