Episode Ten: Hunters: Scene 29

“Eleanor Carlton, aged 16. Disappeared a year ago.”

The face was similar to mine and I felt a sudden disorientation. What if everything was a hallucination? What if I was Eleanor Carlton and I was simply crazy. The hair was darker, but she could have dyed that.

“That’s a tad disconcerting.”

“Darker hair and her nose is a bit smaller than yours, but it’s close enough that somebody might make the mistake. Assume hair dye.”

I nodded. “What if this is all a giant delusion and I actually am her?”

“Then I’m as insane as you are.” Kanesha grinned at me. “And I’d rather be insane than lonely.”

Lonely? But thinking about it, Kanesha had never been that popular. Too smart. People probably felt threatened by her. “I don’t know about that. But she vanished a year ago, and she looks enough like me that somebody might put it down to changes.”

Except the hair, but hair was easy enough to dye. I tugged my blonde locks into my vision. Didn’t look died.

“And whoever this is…”

“He was pretty close to me when I shot Clem. So, tell me about her?”

“Daughter…only child…of a local businessman. Thing is, it can’t be her father.”

“He’s dead,” I said flatly.

“He died. Two weeks later, she disappeared.”

I nodded. “No siblings. What did her father do?”

“Small local shipping company.”

“Drugs?” It had to be a question. “Morrow will have found this.”

“So why hasn’t he moved on it?”

“He must know I’m not Eleanor.” I frowned. “There must be some obvious reason I’m not her. I’m not going to ask, though, just in case he somehow missed it.”

Kanesha nodded. “It could be Carlton’s partner, who now owns the business. Roderick Montana.”

“Then I’m paying him a visit.” I stretched a bit. “Ask him if he thinks I’m Eleanor. I mean, maybe…”

“You found out about her. You think you might be her. Maybe he’ll know if she dyed her hair.”

“And maybe he’s our man. Where’s their HQ?”

“You’d need to…”
“Snow day, remember.” It was definitely going to be one. “This winter is ridiculous.”

“He may be closed.”

“I’d bet he’ll be in the office.” I stretched. “I’ll check him out tomorrow.”

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