Episode Ten: Hunters: Scene 26

Actually, I decided I didn’t hope Morrow got eaten by a vampire. I hoped he almost got eaten by a vampire. Maybe he couldn’t explain that away.

But maybe it was better if he did explain everything away. Maybe the feeling of threat I got from him…the feeling that he was playing me like a fish…would become rather more real if he lost the ability to do so. He certainly wasn’t somebody I wanted on the team, as it were.

But I wasn’t above using him. I also wasn’t above my own investigations.

Her Ladyship really was a lady – minor British nobility. Unmarried, no children, her title would pass to a nephew. To the son of her younger sister. And I knew she was or had been some kind of a witch.

She hadn’t received any warning, any more than I had sensed those kids coming. I knew, though, that he had nothing to do with this. Not remotely his style. Definitely not Loki’s.

And it did, of course, occur to me that the two things were not, in fact, connected. Given the ham handed nature of her people, her Ladyship had undoubtedly had a good, solid number of enemies. Probably more enemies than me.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Morrow, or the local cops, found it was the mob that had taken her out. No, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Fairies didn’t use guns. Mostly, humans did. Hunters did. Drug dealers did. All kinds of people used guns.

I used guns, but not as a primary thing, not as something I wanted to do all the time.
Cops used guns. And hadn’t the person who had shot…oh dear.

The person who had shot Mr. Clem had used a police gun. What if…what if this was a cop? I knew Mike wouldn’t – he wasn’t a killer.

Somebody who had shot Mr. Clem so I didn’t have to and then taken out her Ladyship on the mistaken assumption that doing so would make my life easier, not harder.

This wasn’t an enemy. It was an ally. A blundering one, but still an ally. One of Freya’s people? No, they didn’t tend to use guns either.

A blundering ally with a gun. A man, based off of the one time I had heard their voice. And I felt a paralyzing chill, oddly, at the thought of telling anyone about this, even Kanesha, even my father.

I had to find this person myself. And I’d already, stupidly, set Morrow on them. Or maybe not stupidly. It had distracted him from me. And…this wasn’t an ally I wanted. Somebody who killed people for me without checking that I actually wanted them dead?

But they’d apologized for shooting Mr. Clem. Or maybe the apology had really been meant for Kanesha.

Maybe. I was, though, going to find them. Somehow. I had very little on them, though.

Male, used guns, and knew plenty of what was going on. That wasn’t enough.

I would have to let Morrow find them and then deal with the consequences.

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