Episode Ten: Hunters: Scene 21

The answer was that I didn’t. If they had shot at him, he was on my side by virtue of me being their enemy.

And what had happened to the truce? I tracked Thruor down…not hard…as soon as I could. She was coming out of a 21+ club.

“We have a problem. The cultists are back.”

“Did they break the truce?”

“They apparently shot at that annoying FBI agent who’s been hanging around. Which at least means he’s going to annoy them not me.”

“Until they’re stupid enough to kill him. Which would solve the problem, I suppose.”

It would, but… “And possibly put me in the middle of a cop killing investigation. No thanks. No, we have to keep him alive and work out what changed their minds.”
“Loki hanging around?”

I glanced around. “Maybe. Maybe they think I’m taking his side and they do strike me as the type to be convinced he’s the ultimate bad guy.”

Thruor grumbled under her breath. “No. I think there’s more to it, but we’re going to find out. You, for now, keep up your nobody-notice-me field.”

I nodded. “I’m getting good at that.” It didn’t make me invisible, mind, but it should be enough to keep the cultists off my back, at least for now.

And I was getting quite good at it, and proud of the fact, even if there were very few people I could admit it to.

“Okay. And make sure they fire first so you aren’t the one oathbreaking.”

I half-smiled. “Not that people don’t expect it of me.”

“Your mother would be disappointed.”

The half smile became a laugh. “I suppose she would. But no, I won’t fire first, although if they’re shooting at cops.”

“They’ll get themselves dealt with. You’re right about not wanting to be in the middle of it, though. Have you warned Mike?”

“Kanesha’s supposed to be taking care of that.” I glanced at Thruor. She was all leather and cleavage right now.

Could I dress like that? Maybe. Not yet, though. Not while people thought of me as a sixteen year old. I’d be jailbait.

But it didn’t bother me the way it had when I’d first met her. Probably because it wasn’t important next to all of the killing.


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