Episode One: The Horn: Scene 20

Back room. Pan’s Club. I didn’t want to be in here, I never wanted to be in here. Thea seemed quite comfortable, though, closing the door behind us. Employees only, that door read.

“You don’t think he’s out there?”

“Do you?”

I shook my head. “Nah. Barry’s…well, he’s a straight-edged workaholic. Unless that’s cover.” Which it could be. And it might be that Barry wanted to be in a place like this just as much as I didn’t. Who knew? It wasn’t a question I’d ask him, even if I had…or was willing to admit to…romantic interest.

“There’s other stuff going on here. Look sharp.”

I did wonder why she hadn’t just ditched me. Surely, she couldn’t really want a kid tagging along on what was obviously a dangerous trip. Or maybe she just thought…I was really beginning to think she thought I still had all of my memories. Or should. Or would get them back if she pretended I still had them. But the back room contained three men who rose to their feet as we entered.

“We warned you before. You aren’t welcome here, and neither is your Mini-Me.”

I scowled. I wasn’t that small. Folding my arms again, I watched with an attempt at a glare that may or may not have been pathetic.

Instead of answering him, Thea swung her arm, sending him flying into the wall. “Would anyone else care to argue with our presence? I didn’t think so.”

One of the other men stood up. “What do you want? We told you to stay out of our business.”

“Jane, if you would?”

I didn’t question how she knew my name. I just tugged out the printed picture and moved to practically wave it in the guy’s face.

“That’s just a…”

“Job?” I snarled. “Let him go.”

“Job. And I doubt you could pay us enough…”

This time it wasn’t Thea who swatted the guy. I didn’t realize I was going to do it until I did and had. “Shut up and show us where he is.”

He was rummaging for his gun, so I kicked him in the chest. “Or not.”

Thea smiled a bit. “Ah, you do learn quickly.” She looked at the third guy, but he was scrambling for another door, getting it open and heading through it without closing it. “Let’s go.”

I let her go first, glancing behind me as we went…down the stairs. The basement, and I saw a couple of things I expected, but didn’t really want to see. Velvet-lined dungeons. Expensive private rooms, no doubt. Then through another “Employees only” door and into darkness and dankness.

With what I was sure were cells.

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