Episode Seven: Stalker: Scene 14

Being courted was an odd feeling, and he at least did give the vibe he might be interested in my looks, not just my bloodlines.

Whatever they were. Was I one of Odin’s numerous daughters? Supposedly most of the valkyries were, offspring sired on women other than his wife. Heads of pantheons could, apparently, get away with that.

Somehow, that didn’t feel right. Thruor wasn’t about to tell me. I even thought of asking Loki, but he was clearly off playing pranks on somebody else right now.

In fact, I felt a distinct absence of any supernatural presence in my vicinity. Maybe Martin had scared everyone off.

Maybe I had, without even realizing it. Maybe I was walking around with a storm cloud aura or something.

Truth was, I was frustrated, and I wanted to beat somebody up. Ideally Martin, but he was being careful to make sure there were always witnesses and I didn’t want to pit my will against a demon prince’s directly.

He’d make sure somebody saw it if I raised a hand to him. I was sure of that. Which left me looking for something else to hunt. Some minor demon, maybe a vampire if there were any. I prowled the streets. I’d found an old trenchcoat which was enough to conceal gun and sword from casual eye. As long as I was careful where and how they used them. Thrift stores for the win. Or something.

“Got a light?” somebody asked me.

I shook my head, but made a mental note to carry a lighter in the future. It might be handy, even though I’d made a vow of sorts never to smoke.

Other than that, I ignored the man…grey-haired, lounging against the wall. I was looking for something to beat up, after all.

“You’re almost as obvious as my dad.”

Thruor, stepping out of an alleyway.

“You mean, I’m right, and everything within a block can tell the mood I’m in.” I sighed a bit.

“I’d offer to spar, but I think you need a real fight.”

“I need to wipe Martin’s smirk off of his face. Doesn’t help that I actually find him cute.”

She laughed. “Of course you do. He’s doing his best to be cute. Maybe if you saw what he really looked like.”

“Wings and fangs? Worst part is, I feel like I could handle wings and fangs.” I shook my head again. “Don’t worry. I won’t give in to him, but I can’t help but be flattered.”

“Be flattered. Just remember he isn’t actually in love with you or anything like that. In lust, maybe.”

I laughed. “That might be mutual. Come on…let’s see if we can find something?”

“There’s a nest of vampires off of 15th street. Been thinking of going to clear them out.”

That sounded like just what I needed.

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