Episode Seven: Stalker: Scene 11

So, basically, I was being stalked by a ranking demon and the king of the fire giants. I wanted to point out to both of them that I was still under age.

I knew neither would care. And if Martin…I sought out Father William. He was in his church, straightening hymn books.

Of course, I stopped to help. “So, the third demon.”

“I didn’t think he was as much of a concern, but yes, we should get rid of him.”

“I got more information. He’s higher ranking.”

William nodded. “Hence why he didn’t fall for our trap. That does make things harder.”

“Well, we have bait. Me.” My lips quirked. “He probably still wants to get in my pants, even if he’s mad that we chased off the succubi.”

The priest set down a book. “He wants your soul.”

I didn’t correct the impression. I was fairly sure William didn’t know what I was. As long as he thought I was just a kid with a knack for finding demons, he wouldn’t try to exorcise me. Not that he would succeed, but I didn’t really want him to douse me in holy water. “Probably. But he’s not going to get it.”

“You would…”

I cut him off. “I have enough protection, Father. Joining your flock would…it simply wouldn’t work, and that’s all there is to it.”

That might clue him in. Or not. Or maybe he’d already worked certain things out and my silence was achieving nothing but making me feel better. “You need to be careful.”

“He can’t touch my soul.”

“He could kill you,” I pointed out. Then I turned to the door, abruptly oddly uncomfortable in the church. Or maybe there was a reason for it. As I stepped outside, what looked suspiciously like a raven lifted from the low wall around the churchyard.

I gave it an acknowledging nod…nobody was really watching to laugh at me nodding to a bird. Then, I hesitated. Quietly, “I’d like to talk to your boss.”
Which would be embarrassing if it was only a bird. But I sensed a bit of a ripple. The only outward answer, though, was three rhythmic caws as the raven glided away on midnight wings.

Why did crows and ravens always seem to caw three times? I shook my head. Either it was a regular bird laughing at me, or it was one of them, or I’d just drawn the attention of the trickster Raven on top of Loki.

I really hoped I hadn’t managed the latter. One trickster at a time was bad enough, and if they got into a prank war?

I didn’t want to be in the middle of that.

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