Episode Seven: Stalker: Scene 8

Later. A house that apparently belonged to somebody Thea knew. It had a sort of long room to it. Large enough to make a small salle.

“You think I’m going to be mad with you.” It wasn’t a question.

“Given you were dumped in DC with no memories?”

“I know you didn’t make that decision. It was the Old Man.” There was no question there. “And now he’s going to start thinking…”

She sighed. “Jane. It wasn’t quite what you think.”

“The prophecy says I’ll either start Ragnarok or stop it. He was putting me safely out of the way.”

“First of all, he was hiding you from Surtur, who’s plans for you involve things I am pretty sure you wouldn’t like.”

“Things worse than killing me. He wants to recruit me.”

Thea sighed. “Yes. And a little bit more than that.”

“Don’t tell me he wants in my pants too.” I sighed. “Am I really that pretty?”

“You aren’t bad, but it’s not your looks he wants.”

“It’s my bloodli…” I tailed off. “Whatever it is.”

“Yes.” Thea brushed back her own hair, regarding me. “Surtur wants to make you his bride. Not now, of course, but when you’re a bit older. And ideally after Ragnarok. If he could manage to win, he would then have the only living woman with Aesir blood other than Helr. Who…”

“…doesn’t really count. She’s Queen of the Dead for a reason, isn’t she.” I tailed off. “And I’m young and impressionable. And that’s what it’s about.”

Choose. Choose.

I almost exploded. “I can’t even choose between wanting men and wanting women. I’m not going to even think about individuals yet…”

“And now do you understand why you can’t date Kanesha.”

“He’d see her as a rival and kill her.” My shoulders slumped. “Anyone I go out with…is in mortal danger.”

Thea nodded. “Until and unless we deal with Surtur.”

“Maybe that’s how I stop Ragnarok. Make him think he’s got me then stab him in his own bed.” I couldn’t believe I was seriously considering it.

I know who you are now. Brilliant. I didn’t ask her. I didn’t ask her not because I thought she wouldn’t tell me, but because my mind shied away from the knowledge.

“It’s…there are worse plans, but…”

“Okay, so hiding me from Surtur. And getting me out of Asgardian politics. And…”

“…giving you a fresh perspective when you came back.”
“And Surtur knows where I am, so maybe it’s time to come back.”

Thea shook her head. “Not yet. You’re still shying away from accepting who you are properly.”

“…can you read my mind?”

“No. I just know you would have asked, otherwise.”

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