Episode Six: Daddy Issues: Scene 27

Father William went off to set up whatever he planned on making them think the book was being moved. Which apparently included hiring an actual armored car.

Using the funds of the Catholic church.

To help a valkyrie…maybe two valkyries…and a teenaged demon hunter trap three demons. Oh, and a cop. Who was Protestant. And I still wasn’t convinced Loki wouldn’t show up. It was a walk into a bar joke waiting to happen. I still couldn’t believe we’d gotten Father William in on this.

While he was busy, I filled Seb in on the situation. “First of all, we communicate with each other…as long as we’re in this city, we make sure we know about each other’s ops.”

He nodded. “Actually…yeah. And maybe I can help again.”

“Maybe you can. Where did you get the holy water?”

“I borrowed it from the cathedral.”

“Next time, ask Father Will. I’m pretty sure he’d oblige.”

“I didn’t know anyone would. My dad…well…he wasn’t hunting here, he was hunting in New York and when he…died…I had to come here and live with my mom.”

“Who doesn’t have to know about this. Don’t worry.” I almost asked what got him, but it was clearly a sore point, not one to be pressed on for curiosity or even for the desire to avoid the same fate. Later, I told myself, firmly.

“Thanks. She would give me the Irish Catholic guilt trip.”

I laughed. “Oh dear. A fate worse than dealing with demons.” Even if I was a bit jealous. I had, after all, no clue who my mother was nor any memory of her.

“But…” He paused. “I have the Sight.”

I nodded. “I kind of figured. You can spot demons at a distance. So can I, but it’s always good to have a second person.”

“You’re not a demon, but you’re a something. So’s Thea. The same something, almost.”

Almost? I nodded. “Yes. But don’t worry. We aren’t after your soul or anything.”

“I figured not, although I’d almost…” He glanced where Thea had left to.

“She’s good crush material, isn’t she?” I grinned.

“You too?”

He probably assumed it was a girl crush not the romantic/sexual kind. I wasn’t about to correct that impression. I didn’t know how he…or Father William…would react, but they’d likely tell me the only moral thing to do was to date boys.

Again with the having to choose. Then my cell phone rang. “Excuse me.”

It was Kanesha, I knew from the ring tone. “Help,” was all she said, then I heard noise in the background.

She was supposed to call 911, not me, I thought angrily as I rushed outside. How did I get there?

Thea’s bike was parked outside. I was pretty sure that was the only way.

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