Episode Six: Daddy Issues: Scene 24

I was actually glad Kanesha was busy “studying” – also known as working on her dad – when the time we had set aside to stake out the club came. I felt oddly protective of her. Of course, if her dad found out how close I’d come to kissing her a couple of times, he’d certainly want her out of my life.

Complications. Complications I wouldn’t let happen, even if I did want to feel her lips against mine. Even if I did wonder what she tasted like.

It wouldn’t happen, and I steeled myself against it. Thruor had helped me with suitable garb…that would allow me to fit in without feeling naked and I did have to remember that I was, at least legally, underage. Jailbait. I copied her attitude as best I could as we walked into the club. As had happened before, nobody asked for my ID or checked my age and I had a feeling I’d be fine as long as I didn’t order a drink.

“Well, we’re in luck. Target one, by the bar.”

I followed her gaze and nodded. It was one of the pair of succubi, and she was definitely going for the almost-naked look. “The one only wearing black lingerie.”

“More or less.”

“Definitely her.” She looked different, but I felt that vortex, and it seemed like little bits of people were being pulled into it along with little bits of the light. Not that there was much in here. What there was seemed calculated to cause epilepsy in the susceptible.

Not being susceptible, I circulated through the crowd, looking for her wingman. I spotted her in a corner practically having sex standing up with a middle-aged man who was probably a banker. I contemplated how to rescue him, moved over to the bar and bought a drink.

I wasn’t carded for that either, but it was fine. I had no intention of actually drinking it. Making my way awkwardly (I was wearing pretty high heels) over, I casually tripped over something or the floor, and dumped the entire thing on Banker Guy. He was even wearing a pin-stripe suit, although he’d taken off his shirt. Weird.
Cursing me at some length, he staggered towards the bathroom. “Smooth,” the demoness said. “You know, I was only after a bit of fun.”

“And his soul,” I murmured. “You don’t fool me at all. None of you do.” I wasn’t as upset as I might have been. But her eyes smouldered red-orange. I hadn’t wanted to blow my cover, but…

“Oh, come on. You’ve been hanging out with Tyr too much or something. Loosen up, Aesir-girl.”

She sounded a bit like Martin…but then, they hung out together. And he was the one who didn’t seem to be there. Or maybe he was better disguised. “You don’t know me at all if you think I hang out with Tyr.” Heck, to my knowledge, I’d never met him.

“Then loosen up. Have some fun. There’s a guy over there who might be your speed.”

I was careful not to take my eyes off her as I glanced past her. Huh. Somebody was using a fake ID, for sure. Then I turned back towards her. “How do you know I’m into guys?”

She laughed and relaxed. That was key. If she thought I wasn’t here to bust her… “Well, I could also be whatever guy…or girl…you wanted. And your soul’s in no danger, after all.”

That was a bit of news. And I didn’t think she was lying. “Well, how about we…”

…and some idiot set off the sprinkler system.

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