Episode Six: Daddy Issues: Scene 13

Halloween was over. The house was full of candy which, by mutual agreement, we’d dumped into one huge bowl by the door. That way people could pick out what they liked. I snagged a piece of chocolate as I left. Loki had been true to his word. Or nobody had been allergic to the cayenne.

The problem was that everyone was blaming me. I was apparently the cayenne brownie person, and it was being appreciated by some and getting me glares and promises of dire vengeance from others.

Well. I could handle a prank war, but really, getting me blamed for his tricks? I supposed I’d asked for it.

Sometimes I thought I asked for it merely by existing. At least where he was concerned.

No cayenne in the chocolate. “Now I know what him liking you means,” Kanesha said blearily from behind me.

“At least you like cayenne brownies too.”

“I prefer to know when I’m biting into one. It was him, right?”

“Right. And leaving me to take the fall for it, and that costume was just awful. It’s like I have a particularly embarrassing uncle that I can’t even stay mad with because he’s actually kind of fun.”

Kanesha laughed. “I wonder if that’s how they all felt. Prior to Baldr, that is.”

“He almost seems to have done his time on that one.” I considered. “Or maybe they let him out in the hope that…”

“…that you could talk him out of starting Ragnarok.”

I laughed. “I can’t talk him out of doing pranks at a party. I…you’re serious, aren’t you.”

“Yes, I am. But I need help with a different problem.”

I nodded. “What is it?”

“My dad’s trying to get legal custody back. I’m talking about emancipation.”

” You have a job…”

“Not enough to afford even the worst place in DC. I…” She tailed off. “I hesitate to ask. You’ll probably think it’s too dangerous, but…”


“I could manage with a roommate. We could both get out of here. I’d still get financial support for college and…”

It was…an interesting proposal. I turned it around in my head. “I have three gigs this month, one after school, two weekend. I’ll look into it, but if not…”

“I’ll have to find somebody else. I’ll manage. I just would rather have you.”

I hugged her. I couldn’t help it. Even if I wasn’t sure I wanted to be roommates with her…her concerns about danger and my personal concerns about who I should stay with?

She needed somebody and she’d asked me first. That meant a lot.

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