Episode Four: Prank War: Scene 21

I got it out of him in the kitchen, with Kanesha watching, all ready to throw him again if he crossed any lines.

“Somebody saw you and Ros get into it. Somebody you didn’t want seeing it.”

“And it wasn’t that cop.” He’d been nice.

“No. Okay…I’m not supposed to tell you, but we work for Freyja.”

“Freyja?” I wracked my brain for a moment. “Goddess of love…”

“And battle. Which are often the same thing.” He made a wry face. “You were never in danger from us.”

“Unless I decide to take Loki’s side.”

“Even then. She’s more worried about somebody else finding you. Surtur.”

The name sounded disturbingly close to Satan. “Surtur.”

“King of the fire giants. He wants you…alive, I’d note.”

“Working for him or in his bed?” Kanesha blinked at that blunt question, but said nothing.

“Possibly both. Either way, he knows where you are now. He won’t kill you but he might take out people close to you, and…” He glanced at Kanesha. “No offense, because you took me down, but you had the element of surprise, knew to use my strength against me, and I don’t throw fireballs.”

I winced. “I need to leave, then, before he burns this place down so I’ll have nowhere to live.”

“That would certainly be the kind of thing to be worried about.” He let out a breath. “Like I said, you weren’t supposed to know what was going on, because we were concerned…”

“…that it would make me more likely to give you the slip. Okay. So…the expected thing to do at this point would be to run. He’s going to be watching for that.”

“You can’t fight him.”

“I don’t intend to. Maybe it’s time to take a few leafs out of Loki’s book.”

“Maybe it is. Or maybe that fairy friend of yours can do something. He’s more powerful than he’s letting on.”

I started to say the fairy wasn’t my friend, but realized it might well be seeing me in just that way. A friend. Or at least somebody willing to play along.

Maybe that was what passed for a friend amongst fairies.

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